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Eliot Shapiro5 Star Testimonial

“If I could give EDP Construction 10 stars I would! Ector, Ector Jr. and the entire team are easy to work with, they care about getting the job done right, and they're really nice people. That's the benefit of working with a family-run business. I was referred to them by a friend about 4 years ago. Since then, they replaced the roof and siding on my home, did similar jobs for a few of my neighbors, and just recently replaced the roof and gutters on my parents' house. Thank you EDP!”

Chris Remo5 Star Testimonial

“Great company to deal with during our roof and gutter replacement. It’s a family run business and everyone I dealt with was very friendly and professional. They did a great job and helped with all steps of the insurance process along the way

Lyn Warren5 Star Testimonial

“Great company made the roofing process a breeze!!”

Sam Patel5 Star Testimonial

“Siding and roof got cleaned by them. They got recommend to me. Everything looks great and clean. Very smooth process by all means”

Billy Kace5 Star Testimonial

“The process for my new roof went smooth from start to finish. The family owned business is both professional and efficient. The experience thus far is very positive. Time will how the roof holds up but at this point everything looks great. I would recommend this company. Thanks for everything”

Steve Malik5 Star Testimonial

“EDP Construction has been fantastic to work with, they have done 2 roofs for me this year along with gutters and downspouts. The staff is very responsive and I have had great experiences. Steve Malik”

James K5 Star Testimonial

“EDP did a great job negotiating with insurance to get the claim approved.
The were very professional and completed the job as promised. Any concerns I had were promptly taken care of. The house looks great and it was a pleasure to do business with them”

James Stevens5 Star Testimonial

“I’m very happy and pleased to say that they did an outstanding job. My wife has a lot of plants, and when I say a lot. Non of the plants got damage and they cleaned up very well. Very professional. I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you”

Alan Nelson5 Star Testimonial

“Did a first class job. Excellent clean up. Kept us in the loop the whole time”

Piotrek Wesolowski5 Star Testimonial

“Easy to work with and great results”

Jeff Metzelaar5 Star Testimonial

“Showed concerns in getting our needs solved. Great explanation on Insurance versus out of pocket costs and advice on colors etc.... Showed up on time and finished as planned.
Also the replacement of all gutters is done a few days later as planned and done as agreed. Very smooth & Reliable!!!”

Tim Peckerlo5 Star Testimonial

“I hired EDP Construction due to a leak and missing shingles on my roof. I was not approved by my insurance but EDP worked with me and offered financing and I was able to complete the necessary repairs on my property. the whole team was very professional and easy to work with me”

Brittany Jeseiher5 Star Testimonial

“Referred to by my neighbors in Pingree Grove, I am very pleased with the service provided by the E D P team”

Joseph Bently5 Star Testimonial

“Very professional and effective company”

Mikael Lewonksia5 Star Testimonial

“Able to have a full roof replacement with only having to pay my deductible. I was very picky and demanding when they completed my roof because I didn't want to have nails on the ground because my dog has to go outside and they made sure everything was cleaned up for my dog. The project took 2 days and everything went smoothly”

Landen Orlando5 Star Testimonial

“My house was affected by hail and wind and I was referred by my neighbor who had gotten the roof done last June. When I decided to call EDP they quickly responded to my request of filing a claim and I was approved for a full roof replacement gutters downspouts and 5 window screens. I work late hours and I always was able to talk to someone from the company. The only down fall we had was the rain, it pushed construction back about 6 days, but rain is rain and we couldn't control it. They always informed me of changes and to me thats all that mattered. Work looks great and they are very professional. Would keep recommending”

Martha Smith5 Star Testimonial

“Normally I never post reviews but I wanted to share my experience with this family owned business. Since the moment they knocked on my door, I was very hesitant, a lot of "storm chasers" had come to my door and I honestly shoo them away. I felt very connected to the approach of the salesperson and I gave them an opportunity. Once I signed the contract agreement to allow them to conduct an inspection, they advised that we still had to wait for the insurance to approve the work. After about a month I was approved for my roof and siding. I got a new roof, and also changed my aluminum siding to Vinyl. I paid a little more to get shakes to decorate the front porch, I was very satisfied with how organized and quick the crew worked. The best part of working with edp is that they are family owned. Ector is the owner, and the father of Frank , Ector Jr and Soledad. The boys are on top of everything and Soledad is in the office. Andrea is the daughter in law and Giuseppe is the cousin. It feels good and reassuring to be working with a company that values family. My experience with edp has really been a blessing. I am very thank full for the hard work and determination they put into my house. Thank you again to the EDP Family”

Brad Smith5 Star Testimonial

“They perform work to many of my neighbors roofs and siding. We decided to wait 2 years before we gave them a try with the. After asking numerous of our neighbors we decided to do it. We were very pleased with everything they did. I would recommend them”

JOE CAMBERT5 Star Testimonial

“Thank you EDP for all your help. You guys did an amazing job”

Barbara Nicolo5 Star Testimonial

“Thank you for all your help. It was a pleasure work with you and your family. Very professional and good communication all the time. 5 stars for you guys”

Stephany Rodrigues5 Star Testimonial

“Hard working and reliable”

Marek Sadelski5 Star Testimonial

“Very professional and cared about what they did”

Jerry Malenke5 Star Testimonial

“Ector did my roof in 2008. After he preformed hard work on my roof and siding we maintained a friendship. Him and his family have done our roof, siding, windows you name it! TOP NOTCH COMPANY”

Tom Dwight5 Star Testimonial

“We hired EDP after a hail storm last year and since the beginning they were willing to work hard for us and got our house approved by the insurance. They work with insurance to help get us covered in full. The workmanship of this company is high quality and fast effective working. Overall satisfied with work completed”

Adrianna Lopez 5 Star Testimonial

“EDP Construction was an ease of mind for me and my family during the construction of our roof. Ector and his family really know how to take care of costumers. I was recommended by a work friend and I will keep on recommending to friends and neighbors”